Punk Hazard
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What I'm listening to right now

Fantastic lesbian punk album.

First stoner doom I've listened to. Nice ambiance, and it's only a buck on bandcamp.

I don't know what the hell I'd call this, but I like it.

Solid drum and bass album. Makes good study music.

Didn't even know I liked italian punk til I listened to this.

Classic weird electronic. My favorite track is "Death Parade".

Saw them in concert. Good shit. Especially a fan of "Little Prince"

Found out from one of my friends that one of the members, Gackt, inspired and voiced Genesis Rhapsodos in FF:Crisis Core. Best described as "VKei meets opera music".

Used to listen to this all the time in middle school. I really like the bit around 4-6 minutes in.

If I'm ever coding for any substantial amount of time, chances are I've got this playing on loop. Helps set the mood.